IBM PureChat: big data, analytics, and expert integrated systems

Posted on 27th February, 2013, by Panos Konstantinidis in IBM PureChat. No Comments

IBM PureChat: big data, analytics, and expert integrated systems

On February 20, 2013 we were chosen to participate in an IBM PureChat video panel with Redmonk analyst James Governor and an expert panel of guests to discuss big data, analytics, and expert integrated systems.

On the panel for this PureChat
  • OneTree Solutions Co-Founder, Business Strategy Director – Panos Konstantindis (@panoskds)
  • Trident Marketing CIO – Brandon Brown (@bbrownrdu)
  • Revolution Analytics VP of marketing and community – David Smith (@revodavid)
  • IBM OLTP and Data Warehouse Competitive Analyst – Dwaine Snow ( @DwaineSnow)
  • Destiny Corporation, U.S. Managing Director – Dana Rafiee (@Dana_Rafiee)

Here is the live chat, which addressed questions such as ‘what types of challenges and opportunities are companies dealing with in big data and analytics today?’ To view past and upcoming video and Twitter chats, please see the PureSystems chat schedule.

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