Innovation can empower banking strategies

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Innovation can empower banking strategies

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release.

Innovation can empower banking strategies and decisions for better credibility, regulatory compliance and sustainable profitability.

ATHENS, 15 October 2013 – the event ‘Strengthening the credibility and profitability of commercial banking across Europe’ took place on 8th October 2013 in Athens, Greece.

Organized by OneTree Solutions, the event brought together over 50 professionals from the banking, insurance, political and academic sectors as an opportunity to discuss how the European and Greek banking industry can become more credible and profitable.

Dr. Guido Ravoet, keynote speaker and Chief Executive of the European Banking Federation (EBF), expressed optimism for the development of the Greek banking sector. He mentioned the importance of European solidarity for tackling the crisis and the positive outlook that the banking union will have on the whole European economy.

Mr. Jacques Rega, the event moderator and special consultant for banking restructuring, stressed that a healthy banking system contributes to the strengthening of the economy, and that the achievement of profitability and credibility of banks is channeled through the best possible services to customers.

OneTree Solutions was represented by Dr. Panos Konstantinidis, Co-founder and Business Strategy Director, and Dr. Denis Avrilionis, Co-founder and Managing Director.

As speaker at the event, Dr. Konstantinidis noted that banks can simultaneously achieve the triple goal of customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and profitability. Through innovative business solutions like PriceLenz, banks can bridge the gap between theory and practice. He stressed that the huge volume of data that banks possess constitutes untapped wealth, which only after proper processing can yield positive results and offer substantial support with decision-making.

Dr. Konstantinidis also mentioned that the Greek banking sector is ready to move from the phase of large, horizontal cuts and interventions to the phase of optimized, surgical management of every opportunity, which pertains to each individual department, product, transaction or customer.

Like in other European countries, the Greek banking sector has undergone an in-depth and successful restructuring. Greek banks are rapidly adapting to be in a position to strongly contribute to the improvement of the Greek economy. They are willing to play their core role again in financing both households and businesses on the way to recovery.



Comments on the news

“The great challenge is to re-build an environment of trust, because it’s the only way for banks to finance the economy. Therefore, we have to work together, in order to restore the relationship between banks and society, and to build our trust with each customer individually.”

Dr. Guido Ravoet
Chief Executive of the European Banking Federation (EBF)

“Banks can be profitable and at the same time act with undeniable responsibility vis-à-vis with each individual customer, discouraging customer access to inappropriate products, which are not aligned with the customer’s best interests.”

Dr. Panos Konstantinidis
Co-founder and Business Strategy Director of OneTree Solutions

“The profitability of banks can be based on the improvement of their relationship with customers. And while banks have to invest in better targeting their actions towards their customer base, it is important to simultaneously achieve a reduction or their operating expenses. In today’s demanding financial circumstance, innovation and technology can be key to the growth of banks.”

Dr. Denis Avrilionis
Co-founder and Managing Director of OneTree Solutions



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About OneTree Solutions

OneTree Solutions offers specialized business solutions that support companies in their strategic and tactical decision-making, helping them to perform optimally and achieve sustainable growth. Its customer base encompasses commercial banks, financial institutions as well as supranational European Union organizations and Ministries of Finance. OneTree Solutions is a certified IBM Advanced Business Partner, a member of the IBM Cloud Advisory Board, an Oracle Gold ISV Partner, and a ISV Partner, with offices in Luxembourg and the United States.



About EBF

The European Banking Federation is the united voice of banks established in Europe. It is a forum where best practices are exchanged, legislative proposals and initiatives are debated and common positions adopted.



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Innovation can empower banking strategies

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release.

Innovation can empower banking strategies and decisions for better credibility, regulatory compliance and sustainable profitability.

ATHENS, 15 October 2013 –...

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